Muslim Blood Relations

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Monday, February 3, 2003
Sunday, October 5, 2003
Mohseen Khaldee

This paper identified blood relations (ashab al - arham ), the concepts blood relations, their how, and enmity among relatives (qati'at al arham) as a great sin. Future, the paper explains blood relations whose bond is a must. The paper also argued that such kinship must not be restricted to unmarriageable relatives on maternal side or to those who have the right to inherit. In addition the paper highlights the great reword Allah has promised to whose who respect Kinship, prolonging his/ her life in this world, a real rather than a metaphorical increase. In contrast, the paper highlighted the great punishment Allah has warned people if they don't respect it.Then the paper deferred into the reasons behind enmity among relatives in Islamic societies and the effects of that on the disintegration of society, the paper concludes by suggesting a number of recommendation to care with the phenomenon.

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